NEW: Catalogue «X-Ray Protective Clothing & Accessories in the Field of Medical Radiation»

Our new catalogue (valid since January 2024) is available for download on our website from now on.

Proven and Certified

X-ray protective clothing for the radiation user falls under the EU directive for personal protective equipment (PPE) and has more obligations regarding production and quality assurance than general medical devices.

Only companies who are correctly certified according to the European legislation are allowed to produce X-ray protective clothing for the radiation user. Moreover, every single model needs a CE-type examination. This means time and effort, which is completely justified in terms of health and life of the user. MAVIG and its products provide you with the safety of purchasing admissible products, that comply with all necessary directives and standards.

Quality out of Tradition

Since 1921 MAVIG has been the specialist in personal protection at workplaces exposed to risk. What began with the production of protective products for X-rays and welding has now become an internationally successful company with an excellent reputation in the field of radiation protection and medical suspension systems for hospitals and medical practices.

The family-run company »MAVIG« has always maintained the principles of a modern company: “The customer and customer satisfaction are the top priority”.


In order to help you finding the right radiation protective apron, just have a look in our special flyer »How To Buy An Apron«


Overview of Contents:

  • Special Cut of a Radiation Protective Apron
  • Lead Equivalent and Protective Materials
  • Standards and Measurement Methods
  • Accessories for the Radiation Protective Apron



How To Buy An Apron
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