Leading Technology is manifested in Detail

At MAVIG we have an experienced team, that is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to radiation protection equipment, system technology and interior design.

Our consultants are quick to pick out the best solutions. Our flawless radiation protection planning, good optics and functional system design give you the perfect result you want.


 Please provide the following information when ordering:


  • Curtain dimensions (total dimensions including rail x complete width / rail length)
  • Curtain for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Installation inside or outside a window alcove
  • If inside the window alcove: alcove height and width
  • Distance between wall and window / alcove wall (on the right and left side)
  • Height and width of the window (including frame)
  • Distance from upper edge of window to ceiling / upper edge of alcove
  • Distance from lower edge of window to floor / lower edge of alcove
  • Pb value (in mm) of the protection curtain
  • Placement of the protection panels: on the right or left side
  • Position of the control unit: on the right or left side