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High Performance Radiation Protection

The quality demands for X-ray protective clothing are now greater than ever. Wearing times of the protective clothing are extended by modern, radiologically supported procedures in diagnostics and treatment. The protection requirements differ depending on the intended use.

Our well-thought out product line allows us to offer you the technically mature and wide range of models that you can expect from us as an international market leader in the field of radiation protection.

Two different protective materials are used to attenuate X-radiation. Each of the materials is optimally adapted to the required radiation protection at a minimum weight.

Standard Lead Radiation Protective Material

With our standard lead material on a natural rubber base, we have maintained our leading position as a manufacturer of X-ray protective clothing for years.

This high quality and flexible material offers you protection against radiation in accordance with IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016 over the entire X-ray tube voltage range from 50 – 150 kV. Therefore, it is also suitable e.g. for CT applications.


  • Material on a natural rubber base
  • X-ray protection according to IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016
  • Recommended / suitable for CT applications / in nuclear medicine
  • X-ray tube voltage range from 50 – 150 kV
Degree of Protection (and area weight)
of MAVIG standard lead
Lead Equivalent Area Weight 50 kV 70 kV 90 kV 110 kV 150 kV
0,25 mmPb 3,30 kg/m² 99% 96% 91% 87% 80%
0,35 mmPb 4,60 kg/m² > 99 % 98 % 95 % 92 % 87 %
0,50 mmPb 6,60 kg/m² > 99 % 99 % 97 % 95 % 92 %

NovaLite® Radiation Protective Material

This first-class radiation protective material achieves outstanding results in terms of weight orientation and radiation protection properties.

The NovaLite generation ensures that basic requirements of occupational physiology are met, especially in workplaces where X-ray protective clothing has to be worn for long periods of time.

And of course, here too: Radiation protection tested in accordance with IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016  in the X-ray tube voltage range of 50 – 110 kV.


  • Weight optimized and thereby lighter than standard lead
  • Lead reduced X-ray protective material
  • X-ray protection according to IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016
  • X-ray tube voltage range from 50 – 110 kV
Degree of Protection (and area weight)
of MAVIG NovaLite® 0.25, 0.35, and 0.50
Lead Equivalent Area Weight 50 kV 70 kV 90 kV 110 kV
0,25 mmPb 3,00 kg/m² 99% 96% 92% 87%
0,35 mmPb 4,30 kg/m² >99 % 98 % 95 % 91 %
0,50 mmPb 6,00 kg/m² >99 % 99 % 97 % 95 %

ComforTex HPMF® and ComforTex HPMF® Hybrid by MAVIG – High Performance Outer Materials


In clinics hygienic demands are constantly growing. This means the requirements for X-ray protective clothing are also increasing, especially with regard to their resistance to chemicals.

Protection of Staff and Patients From Health Risks

The special properties of both of our materials provide a high degree of barrier protection, which prevents the penetration of infectious pathogens and their carrier media such as liquids and solid particles.

The development of MAVIG‘s innovative textiles has led to the following list of basic performance requirements:


  • High Barrier Function
  • Absolute Cleanliness
  • Low Particle Release
  • Material Strength


ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid – A Reliable Outer Material With an Optimised Coating

The hybrid version of our ComforTex HPMF for X-ray protective clothing was developed in order to best meet your daily working needs. With our ComforTex HPMF Hybrid, we combine maximum comfort for the wearer with optimum hygiene and cleaning properties.

In order to maintain our exceptional level of wearer comfort, the side facing your body is still manufactured with ComforTex HPMF. At the same time, thanks to the new special coating of the hybrid material, the exterior surface has clearly improved hygiene and cleaning properties. For this reason, our hybrid material is particularly suitable in areas with high fluid volumes.

It goes without saying that ComforTex HPMF Hybrid, like a high performance surgical textile, also fulfils the relevant requirements in accordance with DIN EN 13795:2013. This series of standards regulates important and sensible safety requirements for the quality of surgical textiles that is necessary in order to protect patients and staff from infections. Just like our basic material ComforTex HPMF, the innovative ComforTex HPMF Hybrid offers safety and protection against electrostatic charges which can affect the proper function of sensitive medical devices.

From now on all aprons, costumes, and coats for medical personnel, as well as the thyroid protector (RA) are available with our new ComforTex HPMF Hybrid material.

A fresh look, a pleasant feel and comfort for the wearer are the first impressions of the current X-ray protection collection by MAVIG.

ComforTex® HPMF – Robustness, Protection, and Safety

Whether as the base material for our hybrid variant or as the entire surface of your X-ray protective clothing, our tried and tested ComforTex HPMF will, of course, remain the same.

ComforTex HPMF still fulfils all relevant requirements in accordance with DIN EN 13795:2013 and offers you maximum wearing comfort during the working day.

Indian Summer
The following colours are available for our outer Materials:

Please note that for technical reasons, the colours in the photos may differ from the original colours of the products. Limette and Indian Summer are only available as ComforTex HPMF®.

Flexible Comfort for Users and Best Workmanship

Smoothness and flexibility are special features of MAVIG X-ray protective clothing. To further optimise wearing comfort for the user, special attention is paid to superior cuts and excellent workmanship.

Quality Made in Germany

Through extensive research and testing, we ensure a healthy work environment for the users of our products, which are largely harmless in environmental and toxicological terms.

This is achieved by the careful selection of the materials, as well as our suppliers, and strict controls in the production process.