MAVIG Product Portfolio of Monitor Suspension Systems

Sleek, versatile and compact: For an easy installation and frictionless movement, please decide which monitor suspension system is right for your needs.


Decision criteria


  • Stationary system, a track system, or a mobile solution
  • How many monitors are required?
  • Weight category / Pay load on monitor holder
  • Cabeling of monitors, intern or extern


Our specialists will be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding product selection or installation services.




In order to choose the correct monitor system, we need you to provide the following information in advance: monitor data sheet incl. dimensions of the monitor, VESA format and position as well as weight without stand and cabeling.

MAVIG monitor suspensions allow you to mount monitors from all manufacturers – as long as they have a centrally attached VESA-adapter on their back – without problems.

The MAVIG life cycle testing ensures 100 percent quality of all products delivered.