Highly Effective, Self-Disinfecting Everyday Mask «MAVIG Cu29»

Antimicrobial Self-Disinfecting Face Cover with Copper Coating

Innovative high-performance, CE certified mask with extremely fast antimicrobial effect: The patented MAVIG CU29 copper coating ensures self-disinfection in just a few minutes. This high-performance material works exclusively through the elemental power of nature. Available in two designs and different sizes for children and adults.

  • Antimicrobial, copper-coated cotton fabric
  • Destroys viruses and bacteria in minutes
  • Flexibly adjustable, elastic ear loops
  • Double-sided, durable hygiene, without chemicals or plastics
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable – re-usable many times
  • High-quality case for convenient storage – always at hand

Antimicrobial Face Cover "MAVIG Cu29" – Self-Disinfecting with Copper Coating

Copper was used in antiquity as an antiseptic to treat infected wounds and for sterilizing water. As an antimicrobial material, it is effective against a wide range of microbes, including bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses. Copper also plays an important role in the human body. For instance, it forms part of our essential enzymes and it is involved in many bodily functions (eg. an antioxidant or in blood formation). It is also odourless, odour-neutralising and has a soothing effect on the skin.

These properties are highly effective in solving a central challenge with face masks, which are currently in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus): The lack of hygiene due to contact contamination (e.g. skin contact), inhalation or improper storage. Even as more and more people are receiving vaccinations against COVID-19, we still need to keep wearing masks. And now you can feel confident about having a hygienically perfect face mask ready at hand at all times.


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Certified Antimicrobial Effect Thanks to the Elemental Power of Nature


The cotton fabric of the «Cu29 5020MOET», which is coated on one side with copper (Cu), with its extremely fast antimicrobial effect and high breathability was developed and patented based on these findings. The Cu29 coating has a uniquely high copper concentration and a significant antimicrobial effect. Within just a few minutes, the number of bacteria and viruses on the tissue surface is eliminated by to less than 0.001 %. According to general knowledge this effect is particularly potent against enveloped viruses, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus (coronavirus). This effect is confirmed by the renowned Hohenstein Institut, among others. You can find the certificate in the Download-section down below. In addition, the CU29 masks have a CE certification.


Self-Disinfecting, High-Performance Mask – Always Hygienic and always at Hand



The two-layer mask, which covers the mouth and nose, offers double-sided protection against contact contamination from the outside (e.g. through contact) and inside (breathing, droplets and contact with the skin). This makes it a reliable companion to have at hand when you need a mask that is hygienically impeccable. Thanks to the special weave of the MAVIG Cu29 fabric, the mask is comfortable to wear and makes breathing easy.

  • Open-pored and breathable
  • Permanent self-disinfection (washing is only necessary for aesthetic reasons)
  • Reduced fogging up of glasses due to its unique shape
  • Flexibly adjustable, elastic ear loops
  • Ergonomic adjustment due to patented nose bridge with fabric joint (Type I only) – this prevents the nose bridge from breaking
  • A high-quality case is included for permanent protection of the mask and for compact, convenient storage


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Variants/Designs & Sizes

Environmental Protection and Sustainability



To achieve an antimicrobial or antibacterial effect that is not based on copper, materials are normally chemically treated. The chemical agents are in direct contact with the skin or are inhaled, which can cause allergic reactions, skin or respiratory irritation. Compared to numerous other products, the ecological benefits of MAVIG Cu29 are obvious. Pure 150 g/m2 Oekotex cotton is used as the base fabric. The Oeko-Tex 100 label states that all components of thisitem have been tested for harmful substances and have no negative health effects.

  • Oeko-Tex certified, pure cotton: renewable raw material, pollutant-free
  • Copper: high-quality, natural raw material (can be 100 % recycled each time)
  • Masks produced in Germany/Europe (short delivery distances)
  • Durability means sustainability – no disposable waste!


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Prolonged use is also possible without washing, as the surface is permanently self-disinfecting.
The recommended service life (washing oncea week and with proper use) is approx. one year. Even if the colour intensity is reduced, the antibacterial effect is maintained. Only if the coating is completely lost is the antimicrobial effect no longer present. Note:A slight discolouration due to oxidation is not a defect but proof of effectiveness!

The Cu-coating can be easily regenerated by hand washing, for example, with washing-up liquid containing citric acid (approx. 5 % / 2-3 drops). Machine washable (max. 40°C recommended). Due to the significant metal content, putting it in a microwave must be avoided at all costs!

With the help of an iron shoe cover or a damp cloth between the mouth-nose cover and the iron, the MAVIG Cu29 fabric can also be ironed at a medium temperature. Reconditioning is not necessary, nor will have any of the described applications or ways of cleaning have a negative impact on the antimicrobial effect, if carried out properly.

Base Fabric Material 150 g/m2 Oekotex cotton
Characteristic Cu-coated; antimicrobial
Test / Method Techn. Value
Coating* According to formula > 70 % Cu
Surface Weight* Gravimetric Approx. 60 g/m²
Air Permeability*,** i.A. DIN EN ISO 9237 > 150 l/dm2/min
Wash-Resistance*** 40°C Household Laundry Approx. one year
Antimicrobial Effect Hohenstein Institute (log CFU) Significant to strong
Staphylococcus aureus approx. 2,8; effect within 30 mins.
Klebsielle pneumoniae approx. 3,7;
MS2 approx. 5,1;
Quality label HC-855075


MAVIG Cu29 – Flyer
Certificate Antimicrobial Activity – Hohenstein Institute

* +/- 5% standard deviation ; ** according to; *** complete coating loss