Mobile Radiation Protection for Flexible Use

In order to integrate mobile shields effectively into work flows and to make sense in spatial planning, all requirements of equipment and procedural methodology of the operation room as well as all demands of the personnel have to be taken into consideration during the conception and development of a mobile shield.


 Proven Quality and new Innovations


MAVIG manufactures mobile protective shields out of modern materials in various forms. In particular, leadacrylic is a material of choice for its outstanding properties. We design mobile protective devices that can be kept close to the body to allow unrestricted access to the patient.

The free-moving shields, which can be moved around the room effortlessly, are anatomically contoured and can thus be easily carried along with the body). When not in use, the access openings can be covered with additional radiation protective strips.

The height-adjustable radiation protection shield WD261 allows direct access to the table and patient. Here, flexible radiation protective drapes, well known in protective clothing, are the material of choice. Also part of our portfolio are radiation protective shields such as the shield series WD257 which is equipped with a height-adjustable upper panel made of lead acrylic, or large shields, like the WD306.