History & Development

Quality and reliability for 100 years


The company emerged from the F. Walter Hänel company founded in Leipzig on 1 October 1921. The products (X-ray and welding protection) have been marketed internationally under the trademark »MAVIG« from the very beginning.


Erich Stoian buys the small company with 4 employees from Walter Hänel. X-ray and welding protection continues to be manufactured until the outbreak of the Second World War.


During the war, the emphasis is accordingly on welding protection. Due to the war the company moves several times (hit by bombs), but can always continue production.


The company resumes production and international sales of X-ray protection. Due to the communist takeover, the situation became increasingly difficult for the owners; in 1953 the family fled to West Germany, more precisely to Munich. A small office with production was operated here from 1948 on, which serves as the basis for the new start.


The F. Walter Hänel company moves into a workshop in Munich in the Au. Over the years, the company premises have been expanded by renting additional space, while the company has been growing internationally. Untypical for German SMEs: the USA became the core market outside Germany from the mid-1960s onwards.


The foundation stone for the company’s current head office is laid on the new factory premises on the Munich-Moosfeld industrial estate. Modern production and administration facilities extend over an area of 6,000 square metres, providing space for further development and innovation.


Change of name: F, Walter Hänel GmbH becomes MAVIG GmbH; the product name now also becomes the company name.

2000 – heute

Global expansion, foundation of sales offices in China, the Benelux, France, Scandinavia and other countries.


MAVIG now also develops and distributes the world’s first confocal laser scanning microscope VivaScope®. For the first time ever, optical biopsies can be performed “in vivo” in real time.


Acquisition of Pausch Medical GmbH.


Thanks to the continuity, the quality of its products and the recognised service and demand-based portfolio, MAVIG has been the »preferred partner« to most OEMs for many years.

The brand is represented globally by specialist retailers, including many smaller companies in the X-ray and hybrid OR sector.

MAVIG stands for expertise, safety, reliability and customer focus, and is still 100% family-owned and owner-managed today.