Recommendations on Radiation Protection

The recommendation of the »Guidelines to establish and operate catheterization laboratories and hybrid operating rooms/hybrid laboratories« describes a lower body protection against scattered radiation with a pivoting side part, a shield positioned parallel to the table, and appropriate upper shields to minimize the gap between upper and lower body protection. The idea is a distinctly extended zone of protection for the examiner as well as the assistants. Based on proven solutions, MAVIG has developed new lower body protection designs that meet all requirements. The generous dimensions of the systems provide an extensive zone of protection for the staff exposed to radiation on either side of the table.


Position the Lower Body Protection exactly as you need it


Either parallel to the table or with a pivotable wide and/or narrow side part. These can be pivoted up to 90°. The narrow side part is also ideal to align the lower body protection with the side of the table in cases where accessory rails protrude out. Flexible, overlapping strips allow more comfort for the examiner and unhampered movement of the C-arm. Removable upper shields create the indispensable bridge to the ceiling suspended protection against scattered radiation.




For tables that do not permit the attachment of a lower body protection to the accessory rail MAVIG offers special solutions.