Lower Body Protection

The lower body protection system has a stable construction, rounded edges for low injury risks and a significantly larger protection zone against X-ray radiation scattering for the examiner and the assistant.

  • Lower sway panels self-adjust to table inclinations of up to 15°
  • All protective shields have a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Fitted with MAVIG’s universal adapter that can be mounted to table rails ranging from 7 x 25 mm to 10 x 30 mm
  • Solid construction and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries

An Expanded Design for an Increased Protection Zone

Table-mounted shields for lower scattered radiation is an indispensable safety tool for the physician and staff. Such shields have long been an established standard in interventional radiology. In order to provide a considerably larger zone of protection from scattered radiation for the physician and staff, MAVIG has expanded its globally successful and proven UT60 series.


More Details


  • Individual soft lead rubber panels for better movement of the C-arm, higher doctor comfort, and easier part replacement
  • Includes an upper shield for the 500 mm wide lower shield section
  • Double joint adapter with additional protective panel for increased flexibility and enhanced positioning
  • 460 mm long accessories rail (UT6030: 7.7 x 25 mm, UT6031: 9 x 25 mm, or UT6032: 10 x 25 mm) for mounting additional devices such as control panels up to a max. weight of 15.0 kg
  • Optimized design for thorough and time saving cleaning/disinfection
  • Includes 2 wall mounts for the upper shield and 500 mm wide lower shield
UT603x – Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for UT Radiation Lower Body Protection