Environment & Product Responsibility

Practising sustainability for a healthy future – actions not words

Through extensive research and tests, we guarantee healthy working conditions for the user and the greatest possible ecological and toxicological safety. The careful selection of materials and our suppliers, strict control of the production process as well as staff training are an important basis for this.

All MAVIG products are tested over a complete life cycle and are only released after further external certifications. Long-term, genuine partnerships based on trust and cooperation are important to us. This is the only way to guarantee fully integrated quality assurance.

Made in Germany


We develop, produce and test in Munich and Erlangen. According to German standards, social requirements, environmental protection guidelines and taxes.


Short delivery routes: Our suppliers for everything from raw materials to packaging come from Germany or the EU, virtually without exception. As a result, we reduce the transport distances and ensure that production throughout the entire supply chain is carried out in accordance with European specifications.

Renewable energies and modern technology at the Munich location 


MAVIG has been investing very actively in renewable technologies and energy saving since 2012. Meanwhile, we cover approx. 65 % of our direct energy demand (= own use) with solar electricity and through our combined heat and power plant. The surplus is of course fed into the municipal grid. Including grid feed-in, we produce 120 % of our electricity consumption with renewable, environmentally friendly technology. At the same time, our energy consumption has fallen by about 40 % since 2012 – despite growing structures. Our vehicle fleet currently has an average emission value of < 132 g CO2/km (WLTP)

Environmentally friendly materials – developed in-house


Our production is designed to ensure environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manufacturing throughout all stages of production. Our products are REACH (N°1907/2005) and RoHS (2011/65/EU) compliant.


We are particularly proud of our self-developed PPE fabrics: from 2021 MAVIG will only be using FC-free materials for our radiation protection aprons. This material has been developed and patented by MAVIG itself. It does not contain any FC8 or FC6, or any other toxins. For you as a user, this means that you are wearing an extremely environmentally friendly material that does not release any toxic substances over its entire life cycle (not even during production or disposal). This makes us a pioneer and means that we already comply with future legal requirements. Our radiation protection materials are biocompatible and do not contain any phthalates or perfluorocarbons. The packaging complies with FSC standards and consists of up to 80 % recycled cardboard.

Recycling & MAVIG lead rubber


Lead is still an excellent X-ray shielding material and offers many other advantages (price, availability, recycling).


At MAVIG we only use natural rubber as a base material in combination with high-quality synthetic rubber for our radiation protection fabrics. Through vulcanization, the lead oxides bond insolubly with the rubber, so lead can never emit into the environment.


Many users are unaware that there is an obligation to recover lead from X-ray aprons and that it must be reintroduced into the economic cycle. Our lead material can be 95 % recycled.


Our office supplies consist of > 50 % recycled materials. Our offices strive for paperless, digital working. Obsolete IT hardware is recycled through a non-profit organisation.

Fair Trade


Even on a small scale: whether production materials, office supplies, raw materials, coffee, food – we pay attention to fair trade products and local producers and suppliers (and wherever possible organic).