Environment & Product Responsibility

ACTIONS INSTEAD OF WORDS – Lived Sustainability for a Healthy Future

With each passing year, the topic of sustainability takes on an increasingly significant and central role in all areas of our company. Through extensive research and testing, we ensure a healthy working environment for the user and guarantee the ecological and toxicological safety of our products. A careful selection of materials and suppliers, strict control of the production process, and training of our employees form the basis of our sustainable actions.

All MAVIG products are tested throughout their entire life cycle and are often released only after additional external certifications. Long-term partnerships based on trustworthy cooperation guarantee full integration of quality assurance.

Our production is designed to ensure environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manufacturing at all stages. All our products comply with REACH (N°1907/2005) and RoHS (2011/65/EU) standards, and we use eco-friendly materials that are biocompatible, phthalate-free, and PFC-free.

In our radiation protection products, we are the only manufacturer to use natural rubber combined with high-quality synthetic rubber as a carrier material. Through vulcanization, the lead oxides bind irreversibly to the rubber, ensuring no lead can escape into the environment.

Our HPMF® outer material meets the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. This certification guarantees that our materials meet high environmental and health standards, ensuring they are completely free from prohibited substances and harmful chemicals.

Many users are unaware that lead x-ray aprons made with natural rubber can be recycled effectively.
For some time now, MAVIG has been recycling excess lead rubber cuttings from the production of PPE items. Up to 95% of the lead can be recovered and reused in the production of new products, such as batteries.
This approach minimizes waste and promotes sustainable production methods.

Recycled packaging

Our packaging complies with FSC standards and is made of up to 80% recycled cardboard.

We develop, produce, and test our products according to German standards, social requirements, and environmental protection guidelines in Munich and Erlangen. Our suppliers are almost exclusively from Germany or neighboring Schengen countries such as France, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, which helps keep transport distances short and ensures production along the entire supply chain according to European standards.

We rely on renewable energy and modern technology at our Munich location. Since 2012, we have covered most of our energy needs with solar power and a combined heat and power plant. At the same time, we have reduced our energy consumption by about 40% since 2012, despite growing corporate structures.

Our deliberate and increased digitization of work processes not only helps minimize the use of office materials but also reduces CO2 emissions by avoiding business trips. Obsolete IT hardware is properly recycled by a non-profit organization. Since we value partnerships that operate sustainably, our IT service provider sources 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and is certified according to DIN EN 16247-1.

Since 2024, we have offered our employees the Jobrad (bike leasing) to further contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint.

Even in small things: whether in production materials, office supplies, raw materials, or food – we pay attention to Fair Trade and organic labels as well as local manufacturers and suppliers.

MAVIG stands for sustainability in all areas – from product development to production and daily operations. Let’s work together to make a positive contribution to our environment.