X-Ray Protection and System Solutions from One Source

Whether it is our modular Portegra2 system, which is a global standard for safe device support and X-ray protection systems, or the GD60 heavy-duty carrier system that has been tried and proven many times over, you will encounter patented MAVIG technology in clinics and medical practices all over the world.

MAVIG is compliant and certified according to the applicable European Standards:

  • ISO 13485 (Quality management system for medical devices)
  • (EU) 2017/745 (MDR – Medical Device Regulation)
  • (EU) 2016/425 (PPE regulation)
  • ISO 14971 (Risk management system)
  • IEC 60601 (Technical standards for the safety and essential performance
    of medical electrical equipment)
  • 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive)


MAVIG® and Portegra® are registrated trademarks of MAVIG GmbH.

All MAVIG system solutions and medical suspension systems can be found on our website and
in the portfolio catalogue for IPL2020 – Technical Products
(english PDF file).


Portfolio IPL2020 – Technical Products