Maximum Safety and Maximum Flexibility

Our lead acrylic radiation protective shields are are a basic element to the necessary, on-site radiation protection in modern interventional radiology. They offer protection without additional weight load for the user’s body and no restrictions in the workflow due to easy adaptability in space.The compatibility with Portegra2 ceiling installations is always guaranteed.

Easy and Simple Operation for Safe X-Ray Protection

Our shields provide excellent optical transmittance. Ideal to keep an eye on everything. They are offering extremely low risk of injury for staff and patients thanks to the rounded corners and edges, as well as the shatter-proof material. In an emergency, the shield can be moved out of the way quickly and easily. The safety lock, the easy-to-guide handle and the specially designed MAVIG connection element provide great agility and additional safety. The lead acrylic radiation protective shields have a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm.