Lead Acrylic X-Ray Protective Shield

Scattered radiation protection for femoral and radial access with an overlapping panel curtain and ergonomically fitted radiation protective drapes. Follows the contour of the patient’s body and does not offer any gaps through which the scattered radiation might reach the examiner-perfect for today’s applications.

  • Drastic reduction of scattered radiation exposure
  • Greater freedom of movement within safe, protective zones
  • Reduced burden on the personnel by wearing lighter protective clothing
  • Body-shaped cut-out for better positioning above the patient
  • Easy integration through compatibility with Portegra2 ceiling-mounted systems
MAVIG OT54 Video

Function and Radiation Protection

The most serious problem in the application of radiation protection up till now has been the release of radiation from below. This results from the scattered radiation originating in the patient volume radiographed, a considerable proportion of which travels through the patient’s body tissue.

The flexible panel curtain lays perfectly flush to the patient’s body when the protective shield is positioned and stops a significant proportion of the scattered radiation coming from the patient’s body. At the same time the gap between the shield and the surface of the patient‘s body is closed. Measurements and simulations have shown that this can reduce the dose rate where the examiner stands by up to 85%. The effect where the assistant stands is similarly high.Radiation protection covers, “drapes”, that are positioned on the patient extend the protection of the curtain. The shape of each drape is designed specifically for its intended purpose: With a cut-out for femoral puncture and without a separate cut-out for radial puncture. Combined with our dedicated sterile covers, the protective drapes can be placed on top of the sterile patient drape. This allows for quick placement or removal, as well as constant reference to the cover’s position in regards to the image field. The sterile covers also provide an economic and environmental advantage to common disposable drapes.


Product Details


OT54001 / OT94001 – Radiation protective shield with two patient cut-outs and X-ray protective strips:

  • Lead Acrylic Shield Size: 78 x 90 cm (W x H)
  • Lead Equivalent: Pb 0.50 mm
  • Centrally guided by connecting element
  • Weight incl. X-ray protective strips: 15.0 kg
  • Accessories: Specially designed sterile covers STEA-OT4 to meet the strict hygienic regulations of hospitals


X-Ray Protective Strips and Drapes


  • Flexible X-Ray Protection
  • Lead equivalent Pb 0.50 mm
  • ST-FS5AMM – Drape with cut-out for femoral access
  • ST-RZ5AMM – Drape for radial access


Shield Versions


  • OT54001 Shield complete with Portegra2 Suspension Arm (Extension arm length 75 cm)
  • OT94001 Shield complete with Portegra2 Suspension Arm (Extension arm length 95 cm)
  • OT54001I Shield comparable with OT54001, but inverse (I) / mirrored shield: body-shaped cut-out on the left
  • OT94001I Shield comparable with OT94001, but inverse (I) / mirrored shield: body-shaped cut-out on the left
OT54001 – Brochure
OT54001 – Data Sheet
OT94001 – Data Sheet
Declaration of Conformity for OT Radiation Protective Shields, Upper Body