NEW: Catalogue «X-Ray Protective Clothing & Accessories in the Field of Medical Radiation»

Our new catalogue (valid since January 2024) is available for download on our website from now on.

Additional PPE Products for Protection against Radiation

Even when all criteria have been considered when choosing your apron, there are still some delicate parts of the body, which are not protected. As a first step, you should always use on-site radiation protection, such as table-mounted lower body protection and ceiling-mounted protective shields. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Often some sensitive parts of the body are not yet protected, MAVIG offers a broad range of PPE products to guarantee optimal protection against radiation.

X-Ray Protective Clothing

The quality demands for X-ray protective clothing are now greater than ever. Wearing times of the protective
clothing are extended by modern, radiologically supported procedures in diagnostics and treatment.
The protection requirements differ depending on the intended use.MAVIG and its products provide you with the safety of purchasing admissible products, that comply with all necessary directives and standards.


New! Personal Protection – PPE Catalogue 2024 (valid since January, 2024)

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