Drape ST-ER

Radiation Protection Cover with Adjustable Cut-out

Due to the flexible adjustment of the drape’s cut-out the cover can be adapted precisely to the area of the primary beam, reducing scatter radiation significantly.

  • Can be used in prone and lateral position
  • Secure positioning due to individual adjustment options
  • Cut-out for endoscopes
  • Minimisation of scattered radiation by up to 90%
  • Optional cover to protect the shoulder joint
  • Also available in ComforTex HPMF® Duplex

Purpose and Application of the ST-ER Drape

The MAVIG ST-ER drape has been developed for protection of medical staff by minimizing the scatter radiation emitted by the patient’s body. The radiation protection cover, positioned on the patient’s body, stops the majority of the scatter radiation emerging from the patient’s body towards the medical staff.


  • Standard lead with a lead equivalent of 0.50 mm Pb
  • Outer cover: User side: ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid; Patient side: ComforTex® HPMF
  • Now for an easier cleaning also available in ComforTex® HPMF Duplex (the special coating of ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid is used on both sides)


Possible Applications

A typical application: ERCP (endoscopic retrograde
cholangiopancreatography), however, a great number of applications is possible.

ST-ER_Drape Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for ST Radiation Protective Covers