Sterile X-Ray Protective Gloves

Sterile protective gloves from MAVIG with shielding effect against scattered X-rays enable optimisation of the radiation protection measures for the medical staff.

  • Lead equivalent: 0.04 mm Pb
  • Powder-free
  • Low-protein natural rubber
  • Lead free
  • Non-toxic
  • Sterile
  • Excellent gripping ability and great touch sensitivity
  • High elasticity and tear resistance
  • Great shielding and protection against scattered radiation
  • Available in many sizes

Efficient Protection for Your Hands against Radiation

Significantly reducing the equivalent dose for occupationally exposed medical staff is a must, not only because of the lowered limits for the effective dose.

The idea of optimisation in radiation protection dictates that every possible measure should be taken to minimise the dose from radiation exposure.

Outstanding usage properties and an optimised fit now make it easy to comfortably protect yourself better.

MAVIG offers with the sterile gloves HS100 an efficient way for a reduction of radiation exposure to the hands. Last but not least, this has contributed to the inclusion of sterile protective gloves with shielding effect against scattered X-ray radiation in the recommendations of DIN 6815:2021 as protective equipment for radiation users.

Worthy to note is that a protective factor of 2 is achieved when using the gloves in the scattered radiation area (X-ray tube voltage of 60 – 80 kV). This dose reduction of > 50 % helps in effectively minimizing risks.

A great elasticity in combination with an excellent anatomical fit allows for optimal working conditions, bringing it in the same category of high quality surgical gloves, while additionally offering efficient protection against secondary X-ray radiation (scattered radiation).

The gloves convince with its high touch-sensitivity and dexterity. The micro-textured surface provides a secure grip, even in moist conditions. The soft, stretchable material with its anatomical form prevents fatigue and provides optimal ergonomic features.

The gloves are easy to put on and are especially tear-resistant due to their elasticity. In addition, the rolled edge counteracts tearing when pulled over.

The protective gloves HS100 are exclusively intended for use in the scattered radiation field. As a sterile product, they are intended for single use only.


  • Size 6.5
  • Size 7.0
  • Size 7.5
  • Size 8.0
  • Size 8.5
  • Size 9.0


The sales unit is a practical dispenser box containing five pairs of gloves of one size.

HS100 X-Ray Protective Gloves – Data Sheet
HS100 X-Ray Protective Gloves – Flyer