Sterile X-Ray Protective Gloves

Sterile protective gloves from MAVIG for the use against scattered X-ray radiation allow optimization of the X-ray protective measured for medical staff. The development of these gloves has achieved an effective solution to traditional contradictory properties.

  • Great shielding and protection against scattered radiation
  • Great elasticity
  • Great sensitivity

Efficient Protection for Your Hands against Radiation

Drastically lowering the equivalent radiation exposure for medical personal is a must, and not just to the permissible levels of the effective dose. The concept of optimization in radiation protection specifies that every possible measure must be taken to minimize the dosage from radiation exposure.

With the the X-ray absorbing, sterile gloves HS100 MAVIG offers personal protection equipment, which serves the purpose of protecting from secondary X-ray radiation. (Conformity: DIN EN 61331-1:2016 / IEC 61331-1:2014)

Worthy to note is that a protective factor of 2 is achieved when using the gloves in the scattered radiation area (X-ray tube voltage of 60 – 80 kV). This dose reduction of >50% helps in effectively minimizing risks.

Excellent product characteristics and the optimized fit easily provide a better protection.

HS100 X-Ray Protective Gloves – Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for HS100 X-Ray Protective Gloves