Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield

The WD306 with its large surface area and extensive lead acrylic top provides maximum radiation protection and an unimpeded view for personal.

  • Easy and simple positioning
  • Free-moving, electroconductive castors make for easy and safe handling
  • Sturdy guide handles for transport

Radiation Protection for Medical Professionals

MAVIG produces mobile protection shields using the most modern materials available in many variations or according to customer specifications.

In addition to sturdy guide handles for transport (even between different rooms in the clinic) low-friction,  free-moving, electroconductive castors make for easy and safe handling.


More Details

  • Lead equivalents: Pb 1.00 mm
  • Dimensions protective area (W x H): 100 cm x 187 cm / 130 cm x 187 cm
  • Overall dimensions (W x H x D): 137 x 197 x 66.5 cm / 167 x 197 x 66.5 cm including base and casters/wheels
WD306 – Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for WD306