Lower Body Protection Shield

This mobile lower body protection can be perfectly combined with all suspended radiation protective shields. A a great solution for situations when a standard table mounted system cannot be used.

  • Easy and simple positioning
  • Special base design that requires minimal space yet still provides maximum tip-resistance
  • Overlapping, flexible radiation protection panels with PVC coating

Mobile Radiation Protection

With mobile shields, one must start with high expectations and goals during the conception and development stages in order to avoid it being a disturbance in the room. Therefore all aspects of the work place must be taken into consideration in order to create a harmony between the equipment, procedural methods, and the demands of the personnel.

The body of the mobile shield consists of a broad middle section with two removable upper shields of different heights and two fix-angled side sections. The shield provides optimal protection with its overlapping, flexible panels, which contain a 0.50 mm Pb lead equivalency.

The WD260 has also been fitted with special, conductive wheels to prevent electrostatic charges. The mobile X-ray shield series WD260‘s slim and versatile design is tilt resistant and takes up only a small space during use or storage. Simply roll the WD260 into position and lock it in place.


More Details

  • Lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Height: 1000 mm
  • Widths: 600 mm (medium main protection) and 2x 200 mm (per angled side protection) or 1200 mm (straight version)
  • Two separate removable upper shields with 170 mm or 250 mm height available
  • Electroconductive casters/wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Also available in a straight version with a total width (radiation
    protection) of 1200 mm at 1000 mm height. (fig. above w/o upper shield)
WD260 – Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for WD260