Shoulder Bridge BRYGGA®

Shoulder Weight Relief for Apron Users

Wearing a BRYGGA shoulder brace under the protective X-ray apron is an easy-to-use and efficient way to reduce the weight load on the shoulders and prevent muscle fatigue.

  • For MAVIG apron models RA631 and RA632
  • No impairment for the user, ideal for long wearing times
  • Promotes an ergonomically correct posture
  • Significantly reduces the risk of tension and numbness in the arms
  • Full freedom of movement for neck and arms
  • Easy cleaning

The patented Shoulder Bridge to relief the Shoulders from the Weight when wearing X-Ray Protective Aprons

In a unique way, the patented invention from Sweden reduces the pressure on the shoulder area that is normally caused by the weight of the apron. BRYGGA distributes the weight more evenly and primarily on the bone structure rather thanthe muscles and nerve cords. This proves to be particularly advantageous for long periods of wear.


Product Details

  • Patented solution
  • Recommended for use with MAVIG apron models RA631 and RA632
  • Does not hinder the user or interfere with procedures
  • Greatly reduces the risk of tension headache and numbness of the arms
  • Easy cleaning (just wipe off with any cleaning agent)
  • Available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL
  • Simple individual adjustment
  • Very comfortable fit
BRYGGA – Data Sheet