X-Ray Protective Glasses

The BR126 is designed to best protect the user’s eyes from scattered radiation from all angles of incidence. This requirement has been effectively addressed in the design of the glasses by means of large-area X-ray protective glazing and two side radiation protection zones that are closely connected to the front lenses.

  • Optimized side radiation protection
  • Standard anti-reflective coating on the lenses
  • Sight-correction lenses are available as single-vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses
  • Easy to clean and a high degree of chemical resistance (disinfectant resistance)
  • New colours available from May 1st: “Stardust/Curacao”, “Midnight/Regatta”, “Cocoa/Mandarin”

BR126 – The Best Possible Radiation Protection for the Lens of the Eye

Efficient radiation protection for the lens of the eye also requires protection from secondary radiation hitting the lens from the side and also from below. It is therefore important that there is more than just frontal protection for the eyes. The size of the shielding for the facial area is also important.


Important points with respect to radiation protection for eye lenses

  • Ensure proper protective shielding of the lens from secondary radiation hitting from the side or below!
  • The greatest possible shielding of the facial area improves radiation protection for the lens of the eye!
  • The bottom edge of the protection glasses must be as close as possible to the cheek area!
  • Compliance with the new limit values for the organ equivalent dose with respect to the lens of the eye for persons exposed to occupational radiation (over 18 years of age): 20 mSv per calendar year!
  • It is recommended that suitable straps are used for a correct fit of the protection glasses for the duration of a procedure!


X-Ray Protection Glasses

The first generation BR126 protection glasses were already equipped with adequate side protection. After the facelift, second-generation BR126 glasses have optimized side radiation protection.


Good Fit and Comfort

To ensure that the fit is optimally consistent with one’s respective facial geometry, we offer two sizes in this model range. The important performance parameter of a tight seal of the glasses against the cheekbones is perfectly implemented with the curve of the frame. The soft curves on all the components of the frame provide good, wearable comfort. We have made sure there is a wide contact surface at the nose bridge, which distributes the weight of the protection glasses over a widespread area.


Eyesight Correction

The mineral lead lenses used by us in combination with the special fit of the BR126 allow for the correction of eyesight in the single-vision as well as for progressive lenses.


Special quality features make the glasses ideal for use in the medical field

  • Frame made of high-quality plastic materials with great shape retention
  • Complete avoidance of the use of plasticisers in production
  • The materials used ensure the greatest possible freedom from allergens
  • Easy to clean and a high degree of chemical resistance (disinfectant resistance)
  • Sight-correction lenses are available as single-vision and progressive lenses
  • Standard anti-reflective coating on the lenses


Eyewear accessories

Our eyewear accessory set includes a functional glasses strap, a high-quality case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and now NEW – a mini glasses screwdriver. All the necessary tools for your goggles, practically combined in one set.


Virtual Try-On
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Information flyer
Here you will find all information on the radiation exposure of the lens of the eye.

Our radiation protection glass allows optical corrections in the direct cut, both in the single vision and multifocal range.

In the small-medium size, values for the sphere of +8.00 dpt to -8.00 dpt and a cylinder of +4.00 dpt to -4.00 dpt are feasible.
For the large size, the feasibility of optical correction is spherical +8.00 dpt to -8.00 dpt and cylindrical also +4.00 dpt to -4.00 dpt.

BR126 – Flyer
Prescription Values
Declaration of Conformity for BR126