BRV500 / BRV501

Especially designed for the protection of medical professionals during radiological procedures, the visors provide a high reduction in radiation exposure to the eyes and most of the facial area.

  • Prescription glasses can be worn under both visor models
  • Comfortable, exchangeable, and washable pads
  • Multiple adjustments to conform to individual facial features

X-Ray Protective Visors - Especially designed for the Protection of Medical Professionals during Radiological Procedures

The sensitivity of the human eye to radiation exposure is classified as very high. The logical consequence is the recommended use of lead glasses. The MAVIG visors provide a high reduction of radiation exposure to the eyes and to most of the facial area due to their special design. Prescription glasses can be worn under both visor models.


The Quality Features of our Visors make them ideal for Use in the Medical Environment


  • Certified according to 89/686/EWG Personal Protective Equipment, Category III
  • Adjustable to fit different head sizes
  • Easy to adjust by simply pressing and turning the pivoting mechanism
  • Low allergy risk due to carefully chosen materials
  • Curved lead acrylic with Pb 0.10 mm





BRV500: X-Ray Protective Visor with full face coverage to the chin. Size Universal/adjustable. Lead equivalent (weight): Pb 0.10 mm (approx. 525 g)


BRV501: X-Ray Protective Visor with facial coverage to the cheek bones (with a nose cut-out).Lead equivalent (weight): Pb 0.10 mm (approx. 505 g)


Unfortunately, visors are not available with prescription

A new Datasheet is currently in preparation