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Apron for Front Protection RA650


The radiation protection apron RA650 offers full protection over the entire front part and for the back part in the upper area below the shoulder seam.

  • Shoulder pads as standard equipment
  • Easy to put on through comfortable, wide crossbands
  • Meets all relevant regulations and requirements
  • Complies with the specifications of DIN EN ISO 13795-1 for surgical textiles
  • PFC-free outer material
  • Biocompatible, phthalate-free radiation protection materials (lead components can be recycled)

Front Protection in its pure Form

Produced with the first-class X-ray protective material NovaLite, the apron ensures fulfilment of fundamental occupational health requirements for long wearing periods in radiological workplaces.

MAVIG X-ray protective materials achieve an outstanding rating in terms of weight and X-ray protection. The Standard equipment includes soft shoulder pads and preparation for adaptable embroidery.


Wide Crossbands


Comfortable, wide crossbands allow the apron to be slid off easily by opening the hook & burr closures in the front area, through the sterile surgical coat. MAVIG uses only top quality hook & burr fasteners. If wear and tear should occur on the fleece of our hook & burr closure, it can easily be exchanged.


Protective Material: Optionally: NovaLite
Standard Lead
Lead Equivalent: Front, Pb 0.25 mm
optionally: Pb 0.35 mm
Pb 0.50 mm
Back, Pb 0.25 mm
optionally: without protection


Type testing and certification in accordance with (EU) 2016/425, IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016 and IEC 61331-3:2014 / DIN EN 61331-3:2016.

Blue Admiral

The following colours are available for ComforTex HPMF® & ComforTex HPMF® Hybrid

Please note that for technical reasons, the colours in the photos may differ from the original colours of the products. 

RA650 – Flyer
Declaration of Conformity for Front Protection RA650
How To Buy An Apron – Flyer
Sizes: XS Chest girth ≤ 84 cm
Waist/hip girth ≤ 91 cm
S Chest girth approx. 85 – 95 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 92 – 102 cm
M Chest girth approx. 96 – 106 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 103 – 112 cm
L Chest girth approx. 107 – 117 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 113 – 123 cm
XL Chest girth approx. 118 – 128 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 124 – 134 cm
XXL Chest girth approx. 129 – 139 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 135 – 145 cm
3XL Chest girth approx. 140 – 150 cm
Waist/hip girth approx. 146 – 156 cm
Lengths: 90 cm for approx. 150 – 160 cm height
100 cm for approx. 160 – 170 cm height
110 cm for approx. 170 – 180 cm height
120 cm for approx. 175 – 190 cm height
130 cm for approx. 185 – 195 cm height
140 cm for approx. 195 – 205 cm height


This data sheet has been developed in order to assist with taking correct measures for taylor-made aprons. Before ordering a taylor-made apron, please double check with our customer service if not a standard size of our extensive product range would be suitable.