X-Ray Protective Glasses

X-ray protective glasses with a plastic frame in transparent design contrasted with blue. The special plastic shells are lined on the inside with coated X-ray protective material up to the level of the earpieces to offer lateral protection.

  • Front X-ray protection of 0.75 mm Pb and side X-ray protection of 0.50 mm Pb
  • Corrective lenses: Single, bifocal, and progressive
  • Comes with a storage case and a soft google strap

Quality Features, perfect for the Use in the Medical Environment

MAVIG uses only protective lenses of the highest quality. This guaranties the best light transmission values and a maximum lens break resistance. An ideal composition of the protective material results in a high level X-ray absorption, and optimized production processes achieve an absolute homogeneous allocation of the glass additives. The frame is made of an extremely durable plastic material which ensures easy cleaning and good resistance to chemicals (disinfectant agents).


More Details

  • Available colour: Blue-Transparent
  • Size: Universal
  • lead equivalent value: Front 0.75 mm Pb, Side 0.50 mm Pb (50 – 150 kV)
  • Weight: Approx. 85 g
  • Great frame stability through high-grade synthetic materials
  • Optimized balance of sturdy, light-weight frame and lenses
  • Minimized risk of injury due to shape and used components
  • Low allergy risk due to carefully chosen materials
  • Easy cleaning and superior resistance against chemical influences
  • Wide and flexible head band for a comfortable fit
  • For this model prescription lenses are available: single, bifocal, and progressive
  • Conformity: DIN EN 61331-1:2016 / DIN EN 61331-3:2016


Eyewear accessories

Our eyewear accessory set includes a functional glasses strap, a high-quality case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and now NEW – a mini glasses screwdriver. All the necessary tools for your goggles, practically combined in one set.


Our Advice

For a more comfortable fit and protection, you should always use the glasses strap supplied. X-ray protective lenses are made of lead glass. They are therefore more fragile and have a higher weight.
The use of a glasses strap significantly improves wearing comfort, as the weight of the glasses is distributed more evenly and does not rest completely on the nose. It also prevents the glasses from falling off.

Virtual Try-On
How do these X-ray Protection Glasses look on me? Test it now with your webcam. All you have to do is allow the browser app on your device to access the camera and activate the video mode on the «virtual mirror».
Selection Tool for Glasses
Which X-ray protective glasses model suits your prescription? In our new tool, you can enter your prescription values and select suitable models for you!
Information flyer
Here you will find all information on the radiation exposure of the lens of the eye.

Optical corrections for single and multifocal lenses:
For the universal size, values for the sphere of +4.00 dpt to -7.00 dpt and a cylinder of +6.00 dpt to -6.00 dpt are feasible.

BR331 – Data Sheet
Prescription Values
Declaration of Conformity for Protective Glasses