X-Ray Protective Glasses

The anatomically optimized design of the BR130 X-ray protection glasses ensures continuous radiation protection – from the nose to the temple.

  • Continuous radiation protection 
  • Optical corrections are feasible for single and multifocal lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating on the lenses as standard
  • Easy cleaning and very good resistance to chemical influences (resistance to disinfectants)



Virtual Try-On


How do these X-ray Protection Glasses look on me? Test it now with your webcam. MAVIG presents the «virtual mirror». Just follow the link for your selected colour:


All you have to do is allow the browser app on your device to access the camera and activate the video mode on the «virtual mirror».


X-Ray Protective Glasses with Continuous Radiation Protection



  • NEW: Complete eye frame with integraded side protection made of a leadfree material compound „Trielle“
  • Patented formula, lead equivalent value of 0.50 mm Pb
  • Compliant according to IEC 61331-1:2014



  • Shape harmoniously adapted to the anatomy
  • Soft customisable nose and rubberised ear pads
  • Four different designs
  • Dosimeter connection: without or on both sides (The dosimetry option is only available in the color Shiny Onyx/Graphite)



  • Highest quality glass for maximum protection
  • Choice between a protection value of 0.50 mm Pb and 0.75 mm Pb
  • Anti-reflective coating on the lenses as standard


Special Quality Features Optimise the Use in the Medical Field


  • Frame made of high-quality plastic material with great dimensional stability
  • Completely abandon the use of plasticisers in production
  • Materials used ensure the greatest possible freedom from allergies
  • Shape and material support the avoidance of injury risks

Optical corrections for single and multifocal lenses:
For the universal size, values for the sphere of +8.00 dpt to -8.00 dpt and a cylinder of +4.00 dpt to -4.00 dpt are feasible.

BR130 – Flyer
Prescription Values
Declaration of Conformity for Protective Glasses BR130