The patient protection RP679 protects the ovaries of your female standing patients during X-rays in medical diagnostics. The elastic stretch belt with snap buckle guarantees easy putting on and taking off and a comfortable size adjustment.

  • Easy and fast to put on
  • Easy adjustment due to the stetch belt
  • Set includes belt and 3 shield: Small, Medium, Large

Optimized Protection for the Patient

MAVIG ovarian protection RP679 complies to DIN EN 61331-1 (IEC 61331-1).With the set RP679SET-K the ovarian protection RP679 is also available as patient protection for paediatrics.


More Details


  • Protection with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Stretch belt with hygienic cover and snap buckle
  • A custom size belt is available for patients with a girth greater than 128 cm
RP679 Data Sheet