Testicular x-ray protection capsule with padded, elastic case clasp.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent radiation protection properties
  • Secure support

Testicle Protection

The penis and scrotum are completely protected with a lead equivalent value of Pb 1.00 mm. A padded, elastic case clasp ensures a safe and correct fit with gentle pressure for the duration of the entire test. Due to the rounded design there is no risk of injury to the patient. Putting it on is simple and the skin-friendly coating of the MAVIG RP280 testicle capsules provides perfect hygiene inside and out.

Cleaning and disinfection are easy .Of course, radiation protection is the focus of our product design and with the use of the RP280 series, you can guarantee your patients that perfect protection of the genital area in compliance with all legal specifications is ensured.

It goes without saying that our patient protection products comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for personal protective equipment and (EU) 2017/745 for medical devices.

More Details


  • No risk of injury to the patient when using the protection
  • Easy and comfortable to put on
  • Inside and outside seamless, hygiene is guaranteed




  • Standard lead or Leadfree material with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Based on natural rubber with a skin-friendly coating coloured medico-white




  • RP280M for adults (dimensions approx. 135 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm)
  • RP280K for boys (dimensions approx. 105 mm x 85 mm x 55 mm)


We also offer matching disposable hygienic bags.

RP280_Data Sheet