The development of this MAVIG ovarian shield is unequalled and fulfills all requirements of the radiology practice.

  • Optimal fine adjustment due to “fan” principle
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Excellent radiation protection properties

Optimized Protection for the Patient

Extensive tests created the basis for the size and positional relationship between the fixation point “spinae iliacae anteriores”, the ovarian shield, and its projection on the pelvic image.  Each of the three sizes is adjustable by means of two swivelling parts which allow fine adjustment.

It goes without saying that our patient protection products comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for personal protective equipment and (EU) 2017/745 for medical devices.




  • Standard lead or Leadfree material with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Soft PVC outer cover (light-gray colour)




  • RP2781 – Large (12 cm high)
  • RP2782 – Medium (9 cm high)
  • RP2783 – Small (7 cm high)


Available also as complete set (all 3 sizes) at a lower price = RP278SET.

RP278 Data Sheet