Radiation protection for patients during computer tomography of the skull area.

  • Excellent radiation protection properties
  • Multiple use, not a disposable product
  • Easy to position

Optimized Protection for the Patient

The protector can be positioned easily without further aids or fastening systems. The reduction of radiation exposure for the thyroid gland is approx. 65%, for the sternum approx. 80%, and for the breast and shoulder area approx. 90%.

MAVIG cover RP648 complies to DIN EN 61331-1 (IEC 61331-1).


More Details


  • X-ray protective inlay with Pb 0.35 mm
  • Hygienic and skin-friendly outer cover ComforTex HPMF
  • Designed for reuse and a long lifespan
  • Versatile thyroid protection
  • Universal size




Available in the Colours: Curacao, Limette, Regatta, Indian Summer, Ocean, Lagoon, Orchidee and Teddy Design