Overfit X-Ray Protective Glasses

Seamless eye protection: The entire eye rim with the adjoining lateral protection zones is made of the patented leadfree protective material “Trielle”.

  • Extended lateral protective zone
  • X-ray safety glasses suitable for spectacle wearers
  • Allergy-free due to high-quality plastic material
  • Super anti-reflective lenses for relaxed and fatigue-free vision
  • Easy cleaning and superior resistance against chemical influences (resistance to disinfectants)
  • Available from May 1st

The BR125 are the first X-ray protective overfit glasses that actually offer extended protection for the eyes.

  • Special design for a gapfree protection from scattered radiation
  • Dense closure at the cheekbones up to the temples
  • X-ray protective lateral parts (leadfree) made of a material compound „Trielle“
  • Patented formula, lead equivalent value of 0.50 mm Pb
  • Compliant according to IEC 61331-1:2014
  • Length-adjustable temples (5 steps) for a perfect and comfortable fit

The BR125 X-ray safety glasses are perfectly suited for spectacle wearers.

Due to its universal size, the BR125 can be worn comfortably over your own glasses, but also independently.

Optimum radiation protection and a pleasant wearing comfort oriented to the individual facial geometry are ensured through features like the soft, close-fitting temples, adjustable in length in 5 steps, and the smooth nose pads.

MAVIG uses only protective lenses of the highest quality. This guaranties the best light transmission values and a maximum lens break resistance. The ideal composition of the chemical substances and sophisticated production processes ensure maximum radiation absorption with an absolutely homogeneous distribution of the protective additives.

Scattered radiation not only hits the eye lenses frontally, but also at different angles – both, from below as well as from the sides.
For this reason, we have developed the BR125 X-ray protective glasses, which can guarantee extensive, gap-free protection.

Read more about radiation exposure to the lens of the eye in the flyer here!

Special quality features make the glasses ideal for use in the medical field

  • Super anti-reflective lenses for relaxed and fatigue-free vision
  • Frame made of lightweight, first-class materials with high stability
  • Allergy-free thanks to high-quality synthetic materials
  • Minimized risk of injury due to shape and used components
  • Easy cleaning and superior resistance against chemical influences
    (resistance to disinfectants)


Eyewear accessories

Our eyewear accessory set includes a functional glasses strap, a high-quality case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and now NEW – a mini glasses screwdriver. All the necessary tools for your goggles, practically combined in one set.


Our Advice

For a more comfortable fit and protection, you should always use the glasses strap supplied. X-ray protective lenses are made of lead glass. They are therefore more fragile and have a higher weight.
The use of a glasses strap significantly improves wearing comfort, as the weight of the glasses is distributed more evenly and does not rest completely on the nose. It also prevents the glasses from falling off.

Optical Corrections for the BR125

Unfortunately, corrective lenses are not available for this model.

Virtual Try-On
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Information flyer
Here you will find all information on the radiation exposure of the lens of the eye.
BR125 – Flyer
Prescription Values
Declaration of Conformity for BR125