Availability of lead acrylic

Dear MAVIG customer,


Herewith we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the following:

The continued material shortage on the world marked unfortunately is still having an impact on our product lead times. Especially lead acrylic items are affected e.g. our mobile shields WD, X-ray protective shields OT and protective visors BRV.

As an alternative, instead of lead acrylic MAVIG products, for some of our items we can offer our models with transparent lead glass.

For mobile shields, the WD504 or WD204 models are available as equivalent alternatives to the WD306. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm any delivery dates for this model at the moment.

Also instead of item WD2571, kindly consider our lead glass versions WD504/WD204, unless you absolutely need to order a height-adjustable mobile shield.

For your eye protection (instead of model BRV500), the visor BRV501 or our vast selection of  X-ray protection glasses BR are still available.

As soon as the situation improves again, we will inform you immediately.

Our entire sales team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


With kind regards,
Your MAVIG Team

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