The MAVIG patient protective apron RD642, which is used for dental images in both sitting and lying positions, distinguishes itself with its flexibility and wearing comfort.

  • Excellent radiation protection properties
  • Individually adaptable
  • Quick and easy to put on

Optimized Protection for the Patient

High quality hook and burr closures enable precise fitting, as well as safe and fast putting on of the apron. The apron extensively protects the front of the sitting or lying patient against radiation.




  • Multi-layer lead rubber material with a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band




  • RD642E for adults; front 90 x 60 cm
  • RD642K for children; front 70 x 45 cm




Available in the colours: Curacao, Limette, Regatta, Indian Summer, Ocean, Lagoon, Orchidee und Teddy Design

RD642 Data Sheet