Cleaning and Maintenance of X-Ray Protective Clothing

How do I clean my X-ray apron properly?


In general, «cleaning» and «disinfection» are to be treated as separate processes. Cleaning is first and foremost about manually removing dirt, microorganisms and biological contaminants from the surface. Fresh stains can usually be removed from the radiation protective clothing with soapy water of approx. 20 °C and a soft cloth. For fluids containing proteins (such as blood), use cold water. In order to avoid damage to the product, no aggressive, abrasive or corrosive agents should be used (e.g. diluent, acetone, scouring agents).


The following markings apply to radiation protective clothing:

What should be considered when disinfecting my radiation protective clothing?

The disinfection should always be preceded by cleaning as described above to ensure that all layers of any biofilm present on the outer material of your X-ray protective clothing are removed. Only then, the remaining microorganisms can be effectively eliminated during disinfection.

Avoid applying too much pressure when using disinfectant wipes. To protect the properties of our X-ray protective products, we recommend not to use alcohol-based disinfectants, pure alcohol (e.g. ethanol and isopropanol), or oxidising as well as active chlorine or salt-containing disinfectants as they attack the surface of the outer material more strongly than disinfectants based on other chemicals. Also, the combined use of different disinfectants and/or disinfectants and cleaning agents may impair the product performance or damage surfaces of the product.

In general, when choosing a disinfectant, make sure it contains as few alcohols as possible. Ideally, the first 5 ingredients should not be alcohols or these should be listed with amounts of “< 5 %”.

To maintain the properties of our radiation protective clothing, we recommend the use of the following disinfectants*:
Disinfectant Manufacturer Effective base
Microbac forte BODE Chemie GmbH Quaternary compounds, alkylamine derivative
Kohrsolin FF BODE Chemie GmbH Aldehyde, quaternary compounds
Antifect FF Schülke & Mayr GmbH Quaternary compound, aldehyde
Microzid Sensitiv Wipes Schülke & Mayr GmbH Quaternary compounds
Microbac Tissues Lösung BODE Chemie GmbH Quaternary compounds

If you have any further questions about disinfectants or if your clinic does not allow the disinfectants listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Notes

  • The tests carried out at our company do not correspond to any certified or standardized test procedures, so that we cannot issue a release, but only a recommendation.
  • Since we have no influence on the production as well as the raw materials of the disinfectant, we have to decline any guarantee on the resistance of our protective clothes to the disinfectant.
  • The effectiveness of the surface disinfectant has not been considered. The instructions for use of the disinfectant must be adhered to.
  • For the reasons mentioned above MAVIG excludes any warranty or liability for subsequent damages.