MAVIG Anniversary Collection

New MAVIG-Collection 2021: Information und FAQ

MAVIG renews the collection with many improvements and innovations on June 26th 2021 – just in time for the 100th anniversary. We are pleased to present you the comprehensive renewal of our product line. At the bottom of the page you will find all the contents for download.


New Catalogue

Our new catalogue «X-Ray Protective Clothing and Accessories in the Field of Medical Radiation» (without prices) is now available here on our website for download.


New Protective Material «Leadfree»

  • Radiation protection material from now on in 3 variants: Standard Lead , NovaLite® and Leadfree
  • Compliant with the following standards: IEC 61331-1:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016
  • Radiation protection in the X-ray tube voltage range 50 – 110 kV
  • Two-layer structure to prevent fluorescense radiation
  • Outstanding results in terms of weight and radiation protection properties (similar to NovaLite®)
  • Especially designed for workplaces where X-ray protective clothing has to be worn for long periods of time
  • A test certificate for lead equivalent determination is available, and can be provided if required

Outer Material «ComforTex HPMF Plus»

  • ComforTex HPMF Plus has a textile touch and feel, but is easier to clean than ComforTex HPMF
  • Nautilus and Happy are offered exclusively in ComforTex HPMF Plus****
  • As before, all plain colours will be offered exclusively in ComforTex HPMF and ComforTex HPMF Hybrid


New Designs «Nautilus» and «Happy»

  • Designs developed by MAVIG exclusively for our customers
  • These designs are offered exclusively in ComforTex HPMF Plus****


New Colours for ComforTex HPMF and ComforTex HPMF Hybrid

  • Blue Admiral, Baccara and Mandarin complete the colour selection
  • As a contrasting colour, Titan replaces the familiar Ocean throughout the range


Flexible Embroidery

  • Every apron has the loop sewn on the left shoulder as a standard
  • If no embroidery was ordered, a blank name tag is attached


New Size Label

  • Each apron (also RP664 and RP668) receives a label with its size
  • This is sewn on the neck for the allround aprons and on the front of the neckline for the front protective aprons


New eifu – Label

  • New product label includes a reference to our website, where the manual can be downloaded in languages other than German or English (DE/EN included with the apron)



Additional New Features:

  • Belt RA631: To take the weight off the shoulders, the RA631 vest can optionally be ordered with a belt attached via snap buttons.


  • Belt RA632: The belt is now also available in 16cm width for an enhanced wearing comfort. Both types of belt are fixed with the same number of snap buttons (3 pieces) and are therefore adjustable in height as well as interchangeable.
  • RA650/RA660: For improved durability, hook and burr have been exchanged. Hence, spare parts are no longer necessary.


Patient Protection

  • All RP/RD products are now not only Medical Devices according to the new regulation (EU)2017/745 (Class I), but also Personal Protective Equipment according to regulation (EU)2016/425 (category III)
  • Certified according to: IEC 61331-1:2014 and IEC 61331-3:2014 / DIN EN 61331-1:2016 and DIN EN 61331-3:2016
  • RD614: Design aligned with the design of RA614, hook-and-burr fastener, exchangeable hook and burr fastener, magnetic fastener




Always the Right Protection at the Right Price


To facilitate the selection of the appropriate protective equipment, we have divided our new PPE collection into two categories. Comfort Line – The new Comfort Line focuses on the mandatory radiation protection features and offers particularly attractive prices. In addition to the excellent radiation protection properties, the new Premium Line already includes many “extras” and thus offers an attractive overall package. On the following pages, we will show the differences in detail.


Comfort Line – the Economic Choice

If you want to make a budget-conscious choice,  you are well advised to choose our Comfort Line. No compromises on radiation protection have been made!  The aprons differ only in terms of apron features. Extras that do not affect radiation protection, can be selected at your own preference for an additional charge.

Inner material:    Standard (50 – 150 kV) or Leadfree (50 – 110 kV)

Outer material:   ComforTex HPMF (ComforTex HPMF Plus for Happy & Nautilus)

Back(Pb):            0,00 mmPb (front protection models only) –

Standard belt:    Included with model RA632 (10cm width)

Embroidery:       Optional with additional charge

Breast pocket:     Optional with additional charge

All other extras and accessories are available at an extra charge.


Premium Line – the All-Inclusive Package

The Premium Line includes everything that makes your everyday work routine comfortable and safe. All you have to do is choose the colour.

Inner material:   NovaLite® protective material (50 – 110 kV)

Outer material:  ComforTex Hybrid* (ComforTex HPMF Plus for Happy & Nautilus)

Back (Pb):           0,25 mmPb (front protection models only)

Wide belt:          Included with model RA632 – 16cm width- for even more wearing comfort!

Embroidery:     Included (standard embroidery, 2 lines) for all apron models (RA631: vest and skirt), thyroid shield, bolero and headwear

Breast pocket:     Included (optional)

All other extras and accessories are available at an extra charge.

* For our headwear we recommend ComforTex HPMF, hence this is also the standard configuration for the Premium Line. ComforTex HPMF Hybrid is available at no extra charge.

Summary Comfort - & Premium Line

Comfort Line Premium Line
Protective Material Standard or Leadfree NovaLite®
Outer Material ComforTex HPMF, ComforTex HPMF Plus* ComforTex HPMF Hybrid, ComforTex HPMF Plus**
Lead Equivalent Back for Front Protection Aprons 0,00 mmPb (0,25 mmPb for extra charge) 0,25 mmPb
Belt RA632 Included - 10 cm Width *** Included - 16 cm Width
Breast Pocket Additional charge Included
Embroidery RA32, RA640, RA641, RA650, RA660 Additional charge Included
Embroidery RA631 – Vest and Skirt Additional charge Included (Vest and Skirt)
Embroidery RA614 Additional charge Included
Embroidery RA637 Additional charge Included
Embroidery RA611, RA612 Additional charge Included

* ComforTexHPMF Hybrid for extra charge 

** For our headwear we recommend ComforTex HPMF, hence this is also the standard configuration for the Premium Line. ComforTex HPMF Hybrid is available at no extra charge.

***16 cm width for extra charge

****Due to the great demand, the special design “Nautilus” is unfortunately already sold out.

We will answer  frequently asked questions here during the launch phase of our new collection.

If you have a different question, please contact your contact from our sales team, or use the contact form.

What lead equivalent does my X-ray apron need?

You can find all the information you need on selecting your X-ray apron in our info text “How To Buy An Apron“.

What size do I need for MAVIG X-ray protective clothing?

We offer you in the download area our “Made to Measure”-sheet for determining sizes. With this tool you can provide us with your measurements when making your enquiry. Based on the measurements, we will determine a clothing size for you or, if necessary, suggest a made-to-measure garment. You may already have MAVIG X-ray protective clothing on site, e.g. in other departments. In this case, it would be possible to try on the sizes.

How often and how do I have to check my apron for defects?

Please follow the instructions of the respective standard. (Status June 2021: DIN 6857-2:2021-04 – Part 2)

What is the difference between ComforTex HPMF®, ComforTex HPMF® Hybrid and ComforTex HPMF®Plus?

All information on the materials we use can be found on our information page “Materials & Colours“.

Where can I order MAVIG products?

As a manufacturer of MAVIG products we are bound to a delivery via the specialized X-ray or medical technology trade. We work together with all well-known companies, so that you are free to choose your trading partner.

You can find our international partners and contacts here. If your region is not listed, please contact our sales department (contact form) or simply use our enquiry options on the product pages.

Can the blank name tags be retrofitted with embroidery?

We recommend ordering a removable name tag with embroidery, retrospectively.

A subsequent embroidery of the blank borders can lead to a reduction of the adhesive force, since the hook-and-burr fastener is then partially covered by the embroidery.

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