Lead Glass

High-quality, radiation protection lead glass (Pb 1.0 – 3.0 mm), in accordance with IEC 61331-2:2014. The Pb values have been measured at 150 kV.

  • Optimal transparency
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Grinded and polished on both sides, edges chamfered

MAVIG Lead Glass Panes

Both glass surfaces are ground and polished. The edges of the lead glass are deburred (scrubbed).

Radiation protection lead glass (Pb 0.5 mm) only for mammography and analytic devices. The Pb values have been measured at 120 kV.

Non-standard sizes, cuts and other lead equivalents available upon request.


Mounting kits for installing lead glass panes in doors or wall aperture


Each mounting kit includes the following parts:


  • Four plastic holders in grey (GR844) or black (GR845)
  • Four round head wood screws M5x40 DIN96
  • Four dowels for wood screws
  • Four flat head screws M5 x 16 VA DIN85 (GR844), resp. M5x26 (GR845)