MAVIG Cu29 - Self-Disinfecting Everyday Mask

Masks with Copper Coating - the Natural Way!

In the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, everyday masks are more in demand than ever. But even in a time after «Corona», the topic of «masks in everyday life» will remain an integral part of our lives, similar to what has been common practice in Asia for a long time.
So the question arises, how can we ensure that we always have our mouth/nose protection to hand in a hygienically perfect condition? The solution is copper.




MAVIG, in cooperation with several German distribution and development partners, launches the innovative, self-disinfecting «MAVIG Cu29» community mask made of self-disinfecting, copper-coated cotton fabric with an extremely fast antimicrobial effect and high breathability.

As an antimicrobial material, it is effective against a wide range of microbes, including bacteria, mold, fungi and even viruses. The MAVIG Cu29 coating is uniquely high in copper concentration and has a significant antimicrobial effect. Within just a few minutes, the number of bacteria and viruses on the fabric surface is eliminated by several orders of magnitude to less than 0.001 %. Cotton Ökotex 150 g/m² is used as base fabric.

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