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X-Ray Protective Shield for Lithotomy Position

X-Ray Protective Shield – OT81001 / OT91001
for Urology Interventions in the Lithotomy Position

A new study conducted by MAVIG has shown, that the scattered radiation coming out
of the patient’s body leads to a high exposure to the doctor during urology interventions.

Effective radiation protection has to take into account the distinctive features of procedures
carried out in the lithotomy position. The source of the radiation is in most cases above
the table. This also adds to the high exposure rate of the doctor, especially for their head
which is usually unprotected.

Furthermore, common radiation protective shields can be seldomly used due to the special
positioning of the patient and the confined space it creates. MAVIG used this as an opportunity
to develop a new shield optimized to these specific requirements.


OT81001 / OT91001 Radiation Protective Shield specially designed for Urology:

  • Lead Acrylic Shield Size: 28 x 42 cm (W x H)
  • Lead Equivalent: Pb 0.50 mm
  • Laterally guided
  • Accessories: Specially designed sterile covers STEA-OT6 for the lower third of
    the shield allowing you to work in a sterile environment and at the same time,
    having an unobstructed view through the upper part of the shield


  • OT81001 X-Ray Protective Shield with Portegra2 Suspension Arm
    (Extension arm length 75 cm)
  • OT91001 X-Ray Protective Shield with Portegra2 Suspension Arm
    (Extension arm length 95 cm)


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