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Far Reaching Ceiling Suspension System – Hybrid Central Axis

The hybrid central axis suspension system is equipped with extra
long extension arms to give the system an extended and stable reach.

This is especially useful for crowded ceiling space in today’s
multifunctional rooms or to keep suspended equipment outside
of the sterile zone.


The system can support up to two arms, each able to suspend up
to 21 kg / 46.3 lbs. At the right suspension arm, radiation protective shields,
lamps, injectors, and other accessories can be attached and positioned
as required.

With 360° rotation (330° with rotation stop) and multiple arm lengths,
the hybrid central axis allows great flexibility for room planning and
equipment placement demands.


System Characteristics

  • Extra long extension arms for a wide reaching radius
  • Patented Portegra2 safety features:
    Internal safety spring, safety cable catch, secondary pin lock
  • For one or two end devices, each up to 21 kg / 46.3 lbs
  • Adjustable ceiling substructure to facilitate installation


Adjustable Ceiling Substructures

Mounting plate (HZP03) and ceiling substructures (HZP01, HZP02) allow
for an customized installation to the respective ceiling. It doesn’t matter,
wether the system is installed to a solid ceiling, track (HALFEN/Unistrut®),
or with a false ceiling.



Ceiling substructure
(max. length 1000 mm)
with mounting and connection plate for
system alignment and/or
distance between raw
and false ceiling from
200 to max. 1000 mm


Ceiling substructure
with connection plate
for system alignment
and/or a distance
between raw and
false ceiling of up
to max. 200 mm


Square ceiling /
track mounting plate
(universal, size:
15 x 740 x 740 mm),
designed especially
for fitting common
HALFEN or Unistrut®
ceiling systems


The ceiling substructures have been designed to allow an adaptable
installation so that inconsistancies do not create a problem when
installing the system. Uneven ceilings or small mismeasurements
can be worked out with little effort.


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