X-Ray Protective Glasses

The shape of the X-Ray protective glasses BR124 is harmoniously adapted to the anatomy and guarantees maximum radiation protection through lateral radiation protection zones, flush with the front lenses.

  • Optimised lateral radiation protection
  • Optical corrections are feasible for single and progressive lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating on the lenses as standard
  • Easy cleaning and very good resistance to chemical influences (resistance to disinfectants)
MAVIG BR124 Video

Virtual Try-On


How do these X-ray Protection Glasses look on me? Test it now with your webcam. MAVIG presents the «virtual mirror». Just follow the link for your selected colour:


All you have to do is allow the browser app on your device to access the camera and activate the video mode on the «virtual mirror».


X-Ray Protective Glasses with Full Lateral Radiation Protection



The shape of the BR124 series, which is harmoniously adapted to the anatomy, achieves a very good fit. The BR124 offers various adjustment possibilities: The temples are mouldable and the soft nose pad can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. There are three different colour options to choose from, each in two sizes of the frame: Small-Medium and Large.



The design of these glasses takes into account extended protection zones on the sides, which are made of a special, patented synthetic material compound “Trielle”, filled with radiation-absorbing additives (lead-free). The X-ray protective side shields are manufactured with a lead equivalent value of 0.50 mm Pb and are compliant according to IEC 61331-1:2014.



MAVIG only uses radiation protection glass of the highest quality. This guarantees you the best transmission values and optically flawless transparency. The ideal composition of chemical substances and sophisticated production processes ensure maximum radiation absorption with an absolutely homogeneous distribution of the additives. For the front protection lenses, you have the choice betweena protection value of 0.50 mm Pb and 0.75 mm Pb.


Special Quality Features Optimise the Use in the Medical Field


  • Frame made of high-quality plastic material with great dimensional stability
  • Completely abandon the use of plasticisers in production
  • Materials used ensure the greatest possible freedom from allergies
  • Shape and material support the avoidance of injury risks

Our radiation protection glass allows optical corrections in the direct cut, both in the single vision and multifocal range.

In the small-medium size, values for the sphere of +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt and a cylinder of +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt are feasible.
For the large size, the feasibility of optical correction is spherical +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt and cylindrical also +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt.

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